Notes from Daniel:

For as long as I can remember I've had an insatiable hunger for discovery.  As a kid I wanted to dig into anything and everything I could, from history to art to my front yard (yes, literally - I had a paleontology phase).  That translated over the years into various forms of light rebellion, fueled by an inner desire to branch away and continue that pursuit of discovery on my own terms.  Since college I've developed a pretty serious addiction to solo travel, and can't imagine that itch will ever be fully scratched.

I'll now disappear for a few months every year to 'go adventuring', and have begun to amass an absurd amount of photos from those escapades.  Below I've gathered a handful of images from some of my trips to share - I'm still slowly going through them all, so this isn't a 'best of', just a sampling.  Be forewarned: there are lots of self-shots.